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Train Your Dog To Do The Tricks You’ve Always Wanted

This is unlike ANY dog book you see on the shelf because it’s a researched book from people who personally own boxer dogs. Ask yourself, if you want to learn how to fly, would you ask a sailor to teach you or an airplane pilot?

With that said, Boxer Dog Secrets is a collection of tips and secrets from many boxer dog lovers (like you and me), instead of opinions of a single ‘dog-expert’.

Here are short descriptions of what you’ll discover in this e-book:

  • You’ll learn how worthwhile can your Boxer dog be for your family and children
  • The quick and easy way to keep your dog out of trouble like when he barks at your neighbor!
  • The critical information on the dangerous disease that a Boxer dog can get easily infected with compared to any other types of dogs
  • One of the best ways to make dog obedience training ‘fun’ for both of you
  • Surefire methods to breed Boxer dog to have the traits you want!
  • How to decide what is best to feed your dog to make sure it’s healthy most of the time
  • Step-by-step instructions to train your dog in the beginning, when you first started and with love
  • I’ll help you to know exactly why you must check the parents’ traits of a Boxer puppy before adopting it
  • The surprising facts that grapes and raisins can harm your Boxer dog!
  • Choosing the right grooming for your Boxer – do this wrong and you’ll irritate your dog!
  • A complete explanation of the origin and nature of Boxers… this will help you to understand them much deeper
  • Simple formula on how to save your dog if it encounters kidney trouble that is not obvious externally…
  • What is the balance diet for a healthy Boxer dog so that it’s fit to run and able to play with you
  • The secret weapon of how to use praise effectively on your dog – Jim just love it when I do it correctly
  • Tips and tricks of how to train your dog to follow your instructions and gain your attention quickly!
  • The hidden truth about a Boxer dog’s sensitive health that you must know how to take care of…
  • How to quickly know if your dog is in a happy mood… especially when it sees other people
  • What all Boxer dogs must have to make them happy and be wonderful companions
  • How and why you must know about fleas, as much as about your dog, because fleas can be a huge problem if you have a dog
  • How to prevent your Boxer dog from getting fleas – it’s one of the most irritating things that can happen to your dog (AND YOU TOO), avoid it at all cost!
  • Discover why obedience training is a must for your Boxer!
  • What you must do if you find that your dog has fleas?
  • How to identify the difference attitudes of male and female Boxers (their behaviors are different)
  • Learn the primary concern why a Boxer dog is harder to train than the other breeds… by knowing this, you’ll be able to suit its need and the next thing you know, he’ll be fetching the newspaper every morning for you!
  • The relatively unknown tip how Boxer dogs can adapt to any environment
  • How often your dog must be treated to avoid heartworms
  • Exactly how long a typical, normal Boxer can live – so don’t expect your dog to perform outrageous tricks and stunts when it’s already a ‘grandpa’!
  • What kind of health problem will pass on to the next generation if you breed your Boxer dog
  • Why spanking your dog for bad behavior is not recommended to solve the obedience problem you have.
  • Find out the never-expected areas where your dog could pick up fleas… know this and you are safe from this flea problem!
  • What does dog training actually means to your dog (figure this out and dog training will become a piece of cake for you)
  • What your Boxer will do if he wants your attention immediately!
  • You’ll know what you must never let your boxer dog do or you’ll get unpleasant encounters…
  • How much grooming is required by your Boxer dog?
  • Uncover the importance of having a crate for your dog
  • The simple technique to keep your lovely Boxer out of trouble.
  • Dozens of things that a Boxer dog likes that you may not know… (listening to your singing while you are bathing them is one!)
  • Exactly what is the most important aspect you must know if you want to have a good boxer dog by your side
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Discover How You Can Make Your Boxer A Happy, Healthy and Loving Dog

Dear Boxer Dog Lover,

If you want to have a happy, healthy and obedient Boxer Dog, then this might be the most important message you read today.

Let me tell you why:

There’s more to understanding and loving a Boxer Dog than you would have ever even considered. You want to make sure you and your dog are both having a happy and an enjoyable time together – always.

I think I should introduce myself, my name is Bryan Kinnear. I’m NOT a boxer dog trainer or anything fancy, but just an ordinary guy like you who simply love Boxers.

Let me ask you something, are these 3 of the most important secrets you want to know about your dog?

  • How to make your Boxer dog happy and loving?
  • How to understand what your Boxer dog wants or likes so that you can take care of it to make sure it’s always healthy?
  • What are the secrets to train your Boxer to follow your instructions and listen to you obediently every time?

Those were the 3 main burning questions I had when I first had Jim (that’s my Boxer’s name) around. But I was frustrated because I couldn’t find this information anywhere! Especially on getting the love, attention and obedience training parts right.

In fact, I’ve searched in almost all the corner bookstores around. Yeah, sure I found a few dog books authored by the so-called ‘dog experts’. I bought them happily and started reading… but when I applied the tips given, they just didn’t work!

I realized why most of the books I read don’t work. First, they are dog books, not BOXER DOG books!

For a start, did you know that boxer dog is a highly intelligent breed? You see, Boxers are a wonderful breed that seems to have their own ways and mind.

Secondly, the so-called ‘dog expert’ writers probably never owned a Boxer dog before. They might owned dogs, but I’m not sure it’s a Boxer or not.

Lastly, the writing is based on THEIR opinions of what’s right and wrong. Heck, how sure are they that what they teach is right?

After a hard consideration, and for the love of Jim, I set out to find these secrets myself. It was not easy at first, but I pursued and persevered.

I ended up doing my own research to find out the truth about these secrets so that I can take good care of Jim. And of course, I wanted to find a way to stop him from chewing on my slippers! Then, I wanted him to get along with the children. I spent over 2 months just communicating with 93 boxer dog lovers around the world (some are owners) to get their input and learn from their experiences.

Then, I surfed the internet, burning the midnight oil to read articles and forum posts to find out more. And, of course, I did not forget about the tips I’ve gathered from books I’ve bought from the local bookstores.

Phew! It was a lot of work. But if you were to ask me whether it was worth the effort, I’ll say YES because I finally got my answers. It’s no longer a secret to me how to make a boxer dog happy, healthy and obedient the way you want it.…

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